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I can not say enough about the importance of balanced pH levels in the tissues of our body. If not balanced, acid pH levels can have a  very negative impact on our health. Over the years I have observed that the most allergenic foods and beverages are as a rule, also the most acidic. The function of cells dividing within our body is acid. In order for life to carry on, the cells must do their job in an alkaline medium, our blood. This acid function, taking place in an alkaline medium, creates energy or, in other words... is the spark of life itself. If we are not giving our body the alkaline fuel it needs in the way of fresh green vegetables, our body must look to bone and tissue for the alkalizing minerals it needs to survive.

Choosing a diet rich in brightly colored vegetables is gaining popularity among health conscious individuals everywhere for a reason. Balancing the pH levels within your body is the cornerstone for recovery from a Candida overgrowth, food sensitivities, bone degeneration, dental problems, weight gain, muscle weakness and acid reflux not to mention vitamin and mineral absorption.

No one and no magic pill can heal us. And if anyone says they have the one magic pill, run as fast as you can. There are of course medical and wellness professionals who can assist with the healing process supplementing with herbs and essential nutrients missing from your chemical makeup. There are also many effective treatments for crisis situations. Let me be the first to say I am grateful that they are there. However, it is the daily choices we make when fueling our body that create the opportunity for wellness to enter. Our body knows how to heal itself. We can only assist by giving it the tools it needs to correct imbalances and right itself.

I want to believe that common sense is still alive and well. If not found in nature, I suggest you don't:
• Breathe it
• Drink it
• Eat it
• Watch it
• Listen to it
• Think it
• Put it on your skin

It's that simple.  There are so many wonderful natural products out there for us to use and consume that are both earth and animal friendly. We have no excuse other than habit or ignorance to do otherwise.

In Yoga we are taught that deep cleansing breaths are healing. Some Yogi masters believe that we are each born with our own set amount of breaths. The faster and more shallow we breath, the shorter time we have to experience life. So it is to our benefit to take long, slow, deep breaths because in doing so we can double the amount of time we have on this planet. When we quiet our mind, it has no choice but to listen to our heart. Free of toxic thoughts, we can ask simple uncluttered questions, becoming a conduit for universal truths; Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I fit in with the plan? For me, food is the gateway for connecting higher intelligence to earth energy. Without air, water or food, this experience we call life would be very short lived indeed. Without clean air, clean water and clean food, yes we continue to exist, but do we truly live as intended?
In our modern society, people are more concerned about the chemicals they put into their swimming pool than the chemicals they put into the living body of water contained inside of them, the human blood. Every cell is a dynamic living organism. Every cell matters. High vibration foods make us well (anabolic) and too many low vibration foods make us sick (catabolic). I encourage you to eat low on the food chain and make high vibrational frequency choices. I continue practicing my mission statement of: Teaching people how to heal themselves one bite of food at a time.

In the Spirit of Peace, and the Fullness of Love.
Deborah Page Johnson