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3.3 oz, 15 serving size

$12.00 $9.95

14.2 oz, 64 serving size

$42.00 $31.50

Miss chocolate milk? No need. One scoop (or two) of Jr. CoCo Greens in vanilla almond milk and Voilà your a kid again. This is a guilt-free healthy low sugar, anti-oxidant rich super food drink your kids, grandkids and significant-other will also love. No more forcing them to eat more fruits and vegetables. For only pennies a day give those you love the nutritional equivalent of 3 servings of fruits and veggies in one small scoop added to water or beverage of your choice. No one ever has to know it's healthy. 

•Multi-Vitamin & Multi-Mineral formula supplies whole food A-Z nutrition

•3.5 Bil. Probiotics and Enzymes aid digestion and support immune system

•Essential Vitamins  A, C, D, E plus Calcium, Magnesium, Trace Minerals & Electrolytes

•3+ servings of fruits and vegetables

•Perfect “green food” alkalizing source

•Complete Raw Super-Food and Powerful Antioxidants

•• 70% less sugar than other coco drinks —

• NO High Fructose Corn Syrup or Artificial  Ingredients

•Gluten Free & Vegan

•All natural chocolate Super Food drink with Taste Kids love!


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