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To live in balance
is our birthright.

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3 Apps from NewPage Productions, Inc.

Toxic Screening Test, A pH Mind & pHood Calculator.

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"So glad I found you and your pH testing kit. You made me feel a lot better. No doctor ever told me that balancing pH levels with food could help or was even possible. Thank you."

— Shirley from Michigan



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Story Behind Our pH Kits

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People often call and want to know my story. What was the drama that led me to question the world around me, then to find the answer in a simple pH test strip. I spent the first 37 years of my life living in the delusion that someone else was responsible for my health. I felt safe and secure knowing that government agencies had only my best interest in mind. No one ever talked about our body pH levels.  

If I developed a disease Western Medicine would be there to save me. I followed all the rules. I worshiped at the sacred food pyramid of my youth, made sure vaccinations were up to date and took over the counter medications with impunity. I believed that we were immune from the diseases that plagued third world countries. Even though pH testing is the most common laboratory test, no doctor ever checked my pH levels or did any type of pH test.

Three things happened to turn my life and belief system around. At age 37 my youngest son was born severely allergic to the world around him, my father died of throat cancer and I became overweight, sick and tired. It was as if someone had turned on the light and for the first time I realized staying well was a responsibility that belonged to me alone—with no one else to blame.



Aquasana: Water Filters

Enjoy refreshing, crisp, and clean water straight from your faucet. Aquasana offers waters filters, shower filters and whole house filtration systems.

With all the water contaminants in the news, you’ve probably thought long and hard about filtering your drinking water, but what about the water you’re using to shower, shave, and wash your hands with every day? Harsh chemicals, contaminants and bacteria are scary even if you aren’t drinking them!

Aquasana has an answer for all your safe water needs no matter what your budget. Next to breathing in clean air, we need to be drinking and bathing in clean water for optimal health. Clean water is one of the best health choices you will ever make. 

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Apps from NewPage Productions, Inc.

Know what foods are acid or alkaline before you eat them. That’s right, with the pHood Calculator you can do just that. A great teaching and pH tracking tool. Save your results to check progress and you begin a balanced lifestyle. The Toxic Screening Test not only gives you an idea of what body systems may need assistance, but also gives you natural remedies to try. A pH Mind is just plain fun! While you play get helpful information on how to help your brain stay young. 

As always seek the help of a qualified healthcare professional if your condition requires immediate attention.



QiBounding Rebounders

Did you know that 15 minutes bouncing is the equivalent of a 45 minute aerobic workout? I have been recommending rebounding as an excellent aerobic workout for any age or physical condition for 20 years. The benefits of rebounding are multi dimensional: rebounding improves coordination, balance and can even promote better vision. The gentle bouncing motion stimulates the circulation of lymphatic fluid offering direct support to the immune system.

No more noisy springs. These rebounders use a revolutionary bungie cord system. Don’t workout — play. Feel like a kid again while you cleanse your lymphatic system and do a heart warming cardio in the comfort of your own home.  

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