Apron - This Body is Free of...

Apron - This Body is Free of...


I have worn one of these aprons in my kitchen and garden for years. It cleans beautifully and wears like iron, the generous pockets in the front are like a second pair of hands. You live it ... now tell the world. Show the people you cook for how much you care, an excellent silent reminder of your commitment to a healthier life style.

Front of apron reads:

This Body is Free of: Wheat, negativity, refined sugars, nightshades, judgments, self pity, mushrooms, the words "fat free", self doubt, dairy, soy, eggs, conformity, denial, regrets, yeast, ferments, corn, cane sugar, vinegar, MSG, cheese. Because I'm Cooking Healthy with The Feel Good Food guide! With a picture of our sprout logo and web address.

Made with pride in the U.S.A., of 100% Cotton canvas. Machine wash cold water, drip dry. Do not use bleach.

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