The Feel Good Food Guide

The Feel Good Food Guide


Making the pH connection between acid-forming foods and common allergenic foods! 220 pages, paperback. By Deborah Page Johnson, BFA. Formerly: The Feel Good Food Guide - Easy recipes free of sugar, wheat, yeast, corn, eggs, dairy and soy!

This 220 page guide is filled with delicious vegan recipes for everyday or special occasions. Deborah replaces standard comfort foods with delicious transitional fare. If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then this is where the journey for wellness should begin. Some raw, some cooked all delicious!

In addition to delicious easy recipes this book also contains information on: pH balance and testing; food combining; acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods; importance of buying organic products; Celiac disease; food families and why we should be aware; common food conversions; safe kitchen information; rotation chart; how to read labels; nightshades and arthritis; how to cook using alternative ingredients. Everything people need to know before shopping or going to a restaurant in one handy resource.

This is the original guide for avoiding allergenic foods with style. The focus of this book is on health, balancing pH and the enjoyment of life - not just going without. Healthy doesn't need to be boring! Recipes are made from nutritious easy to find whole food ingredients such as: quinoa, amaranth, teff, buckwheat, wild rice and stevia. Italian red sauce recipes without tomatoes or wheat that taste fabulous. Wheat, egg and dairy-free pancakes that double as wraps for vegetables. Chapatis, the middle eastern staple, falafel and humus.

This book has been updated in every way. The recipes are to be considered transitional. In other words, many of the recipes are healthy acid-forming substitutes for the unhealthy Standard American Diet acid-forming foods. All of the recipes are vegan, easy to follow and delicious. The new edition still focuses on eliminating common allergenic foods such as: wheat, dairy, peanuts, eggs, soy, shellfish, corn, chocolate and has variations for tree nuts and most offending ingredients such as refined sugar. As always, this book is suitable for candida diets and for most people suffering from food allergies. Fun food for children of all ages. Special occasion recipes for times when a celery stick won't do, yet perfect for anyone who is looking for variety in their alkalizing pH balanced diet.

Delicious veggie sushi, stuffed artichoke and onions. Coffee cakes, cookies, crackers, pie crusts, brownies, carrot cake, tarts and frostings -- all sugar-free. These are the recipes mom used to make without the offending ingredients. All new raw vegetable dishes guaranteed to please. Appetizer ideas, soup and salad recipes, main course foods and information to help you avoid the foods that are making you sick.

But it's more than a cookbook - this is truly a guide for a different way of looking at food and life. Included are charts for: food combining, four day food rotation, related food family, acid/alkaline-forming foods list, alternate names for common foods used on labels, healthy cooking utensils, gluten-free section, extensive natural resource section, food conversion and substitution listing.

Includes variations given for all recipes to accommodate and personalize the menu for you and your special needs. Order today to take advantage of this great offer.

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