Next Best Thing To Being There

Over the years I have had many clients and customers tell me that they wish they could come and live with me so I could cook for them. If it were possible, they all would be welcome. I love nothing more than to prepare healthy meals that taste delicious and are good for the people I care about. In an effort to help as many people as possible kick the “acid” habit, my partners and I have developed three pH friendly apps. I like to think these apps are like having me at your side, helping you to make healthy decisions everyday — your own personal pH trainer in the palm of your hand. 

There is more to achieving pH balance than checking your pee three times a day. Yes, checking urine and saliva is a wonderful tool, but tools do us no good unless they are used properly. We can’t just talk the talk, we must also walk the walk. Wanting to be healthy, thin and fit requires work. It also requires knowledge and a strong desire to reach personal goals. I have seen miracles happen for people willing to do the hard work of replacing harmful habits with good generative ones. To make your journey towards health easier, the first app we created is the pHood Calculator. 

What if you knew before you made food choices whether or not they were going to be acid or alkaline forming? Well that is exactly what the pHood Calculator app does for you. The pHood Calculator works as a meal planner or an on-the-spot meal revealer. Simply choose the food or beverage, slide the button showing the amount to be eaten, and watch the moving arrow at the top show you if your choices are acid or alkaline. Done. You also can see entire lists of foods in the various categories ranging from BEST to TOXIC. Our app you gives you the opportunity of planning an entire day of meals to give you options for a balanced outcome. 

Our next app is the Toxic Screening Test, just like the one on our site. Now you can take it along with you to show co-workers, friends and family members what body systems may need extra attention. Knowing your score, gives you an understanding of what acid forming foods and beverages can do to body systems. It also gives you an opportunity to make alkaline changes before dis-ease become disease. After all is said and done — prevention is the best cure. 

The newest app to join our family of tools for a healthy life is A pH Mind, both fun and FREE. What we don’t see happening is always the worst. If you have ever seen a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia you know it is not a fate you wish to have. The loss of cognitive skills is quite insidious and after a point irreversible. If you aren’t even aware your mind is lost how do you ever find it again? A pH Mind is a fun word hunt game. Throughout the game you will receive helpful tips and brain information to keep you sharp into your 90’s and beyond. 

By using these apps, my Home Test pH Kit along with a few products that I recommend you will have the next best thing to me cooking for you in my home. I truly believe in what I do, the human spirit and the fact that knowledge does set you free. Don’t you think it’s time to put an end to acid reflux, bone loss and cloudy thinking? Join the tens of thousands who have already seen the pH balance difference.

Monica Pallares