We Become What We Eat

I have been saying “we become what we eat” most of my life. Now a new discovery by researchers from the University of Virginia, are proving it scientifically. The team of researcher’s work may call for a reassessment of basic assumptions in neuroimmunology, which is the study of the nervous and immune systems. The ground breaking new discovery shows a direct link between the immune system and brain health. To say it another way, they have finally connected the dots. 

For some time it has been known that there was a link between the gut and brain health. This latest discovery shows at last, the exact connection. It has always been thought that the lymphatic vessels which carry blood and immune cells throughout your body, stopped before reaching the brain. This new research has found these vessels in the brain, showing the connection between your brain, immune system and gut microbes are closely linked. 

We have known that gastrointestinal problems and a potentially over-reaction in the immune system contribute to Autism. But how? These new findings shows us why going gluten and dairy-free helps ameliorate many of the symptoms of Autism along with other autoimmune disorders. It doesn’t stop at Autism, the immune component has also been linked to Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, Multiple Sclerosis along with many other neurological disorders. With this latest discovery the connection has been made, with a gut-brain axis and a pathway from your immune system directly into your brain. 

The newly discovered lymphatic vessels in the brain answer a lot of questions that until now were a mystery. One of the markers for Alzheimer’s disease is an accumulation of big protein chunks in the brain, a lymphatic system not draining properly makes a lot of sense. Inflammation markers in Multiple Sclerosis have been considered potential predictors of disease activity, it would also make sense that gut problems would trigger symptoms. Yes, we are all genetically predisposed to certain weaknesses. However, could the suffering be avoided with conscious dietary intervention? I say yes, yes and yes again. In addition to our genetics we also learn poor eating habits from our family and socety in general. Could that be the missing link?

Another piece of the puzzle are the microbes and parasites in the gut that we now know may be communicating with our brain. I have always said that when we crave sweets and junk food it isn’t always our true-self that wants the sugar. Is it possible that the sugar craving bacteria in our gut are the real culprits? Communicating with and telling lies to our brain? Bacteria in the gut may also communicate directly with cells in regions of the brain, including those located near stress and mood receptors. Starving out the parasites to stop the cravings is easier said than done, but it can be done and beats the alternative. 

Change your food and correct your mood. Psychobiotics or “bacteria for your brain” are even being used to successfully treat depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric problems, although more research is needed to determine which probiotics, and in what doses, work best for different mood disorders. Ninety percent of the signals between your gut and your brain travel along your vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in our body, it stretches from your skull down through your heart and organs into your stomach, branching into the small and large intestine. It is the perfect pathway for signals to travel from parasites to the brain. 

Keeping your internal environment balanced is the answer for health and wellness. Not only will it help heal you, but it will also help heal the planet. Responsible food choices we make today promote more organic farming tomorrow, which translates into cleaner air and water for you to breathe and drink. When we check our body’s pH balance it acts as a constant reminder of the state of our inner wellness. A balanced inner environment helps mood, controls weight gain or loss and keeps us healthy. 

Some other easy ways to assist gut and immune health are to take a good probiotic along with an essential fatty acid that agrees with you and take them like your life depends on it. Do your research and find the brands that are right for you. Eat your fresh organic fruits and vegetables, start taking food grade diatomaceous earth to kill unwanted parasites. Drink plenty of purified water with Cellfood added to supercharge your cells with oxygen, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids and electrolytes to boost immune system function and neurological balance. Drain your lymphatic system from your brain to your toes by rebounding everyday, (it's also a lot of fun). These are all easy, very inexpensive alternatives to nursing home care down the road. The first step is listen to your heart, not your parasites. Good luck and stay strong.

Monica Pallares