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Alkaline Breakfast Recipe

The toughest meal for most people is breakfast.  We want breakfast to be a “no brainer” – quick, easy and a jump start on the day.  If, like most Americans, you’ve been starting off your day with coffee or a cola beverage and maybe a pop tart or cold cereal, to say the least, this new way is going to be tough.  Especially if you feel sick, tired, work five days a week and are getting the kids and husband off to school and work.  This new routine might be tough, but not impossible especially when you see the results.

Your own personal style will determine your exact routine.  Here is one possible scenario;  Before brushing your teeth (with your new fluoride free health food store toothpaste), eat your (rotationally correct, fist sized) piece of fruit or your wheat, barley and kamut grass drink.  You may need to allow an additional fifteen minutes or so to prepare breakfast and lunch for the day.  Do what you can the night before such as making an extra portion at dinner and eating that for breakfast or to pack for lunch.  Better yet slice an avocado and mix it into Breakfast Salad (page 48 of the The Feel Good Food Guide) and really start the day off right.  Since you have had your piece of fruit or green drink early morning, breakfast can be brought along and eaten at your first break of the day.  Only you can determine what will work.  Experiment and be sure to laugh at the situation.
Perhaps the easiest way to start might be to try this new way of looking at food one or two mornings a week and add days until you feel comfortable.  The best advice I can give is to keep it SIMPLE!  The modern world we live in is complicated and stress filled enough. More stress is not your goal.  Organic fresh greens are best, but vegetable soup or a baked sweet potato makes a great breakfast on cold mornings too. Think of as many non-traditional ideas as possible.  Also if you are following a strict food combining program, make choices from the foods allowed for that day.  Be intuitive and ingenious and make this work for you.
I have started a list, please add foods that work for you!
Glass of Water with Fresh Squeezed Lemon
Sliced Avocados
Fresh Green Salad
Gogi Berry & Almond Trail Mix
Raw Almond Butter Stuffed Celery
Macro Greens™ Gluten-Free
Miracle Reds™ Gluten-Free
Cream of Buckwheat cereal - Gluten-Free
Quinoa Flakes - Gluten-Free
Brown Rice with Rice Milk - Gluten-Free
Whole Grain Amaranth - Gluten-Free
Whole Grain Millet - Gluten-Free
Steamed Vegetables
Raw Vegetables
Vegetable Soup
Baked Sweet Potato
Breakfast Smoothies
Quick and easy, a great once-in-a-while start to the day or a mid-afternoon treat.  One of these wonderful, healthful drinks will make a great start to your day.  Smoothie recipes are everywhere, however, most of them call for yogurt or tofu as the creamy thickening agent.  I find that Frozen chunks of fruit thickens just fine.  If you have not planned ahead use a cup of ice with fresh fruit.  Children love shakes, and a smoothie should solve the nightmare of what to do in a rush before school without cold cereal and milk.
5 Minutes to Put Together     •     Blender     •     Freezer
•    Any fruit or berry will work.  Don’t mix melon with any other fruit or eat if you have a Candida overgrowth.
•    Fresh Avocado is an excellent non-sweet fruit choice, very creamy.
•    Rice beverage or fresh almond milk may replace organic coconut milk.
•    If fresh fruit is out of season, organic frozen is an excellent alternative.
•    Use the herb stevia. It is the only natural sweetener that will not cause a candida flair up.
•    1/2 cup chilled organic unsweetened Coconut Milk
•    1 fresh Lime – Juiced
•    6 drops Stevia or to desired sweetness
•    1/8 teaspoon Acidophilus (non-dairy)
•    1 tablespoon whole Flax Seeds
•    (Optional) Whole food concentrate, such as,
    Macro Greens™, Miracle Reds™ and/or VidaCell™
My Favorite Recipe
•    One ripe Avocado pitted, flesh scooped from skin.
•    One cup Unsweetened Almond Milk.
•    Juice from one large or two small Lime(s).
•    One scoop Macro Greens™ (18 billion probiotics per scoop).
•    6 drops Sweet Leaf™ brand liquid Stevia.
•    One tablespoon raw Almond Butter.
•    One tablespoon Flax Seeds.
•    4 ice cubes.
•    Blend until smooth. Add more stevia and/or water as needed.
•    Enjoy.
CONSTANTS IN THE FORMULA:  Something frozen to thicken the Smoothie: frozen chunks of fruit or ice cubes.  Non-dairy acidophilus (the good bacteria for your intestines) and flax, one of the best vegetarian sources of essential fatty acids found in nature – do not substitute.  
VARIANTS IN THE FORMULA:  Fruit, sweetener, juice and thickness.
Place all ingredients in blender and blend starting on lowest setting and raising to highest a couple of minutes until contents are smooth and creamy, add extra water a little at a time until desired thickness is achieved.
- Pour into popsicle forms and freeze.  
- Suitable for an ice cream maker.  Make extra thick and eat with a spoon.
- This is a better choice than a traditional “milk” shake for children of all ages.