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Velaqua Questions and Answers

Q. How does Velaqua work?
A. The system will filter, purify, mineralize, alkalize and energize water utilizing the same process that nature has used for billions of years. Powered only by gravity, Velaqua uses premium rare earth natural ingredients without electricity, harmful chemicals or other artificial methods. Simply pour water in the top holding tank and watch it transform into delicious healthy water that everyone in the family including the pet desires.
Q. How does Velaqua water taste?
A. Most agree that Velaqua tastes better than bottled water or water produced by other systems. Velaqua uses only natural ingredients to filter, purify and mineralize its water. Velaqua uses organic coconut fiber carbon, instead of charcoal, which leaves the water with a delicious, sweet, smooth taste!
Q. Velaqua generates water that is about 9.0± pH. Should water be this alkaline?
A. The pH has been very carefully determined and is naturally alkaline. There is a systemic struggle in the body between acidity and true pH balance of 7.2. Invariably acid has the upper hand in most people. Until our acidic body returns to a balanced state, the water’s pH should remain high to help the body alkalize itself to a normal pH of 7.2 quicker. Being in acid state (lower than 7.2) may lead to many health risks and complications.
Q. How many glasses of Velaqua water should I drink every day? A. Many experts recommended drinking at least half your weight in
ounces of water daily. Q. Can I cook using Velaqua water?A. Absolutely. Alkaline water is recommended for all uses. Most people agree that fruits and vegetables washed in Velaqua taste much better!
Q. Velaqua was designed to work synergistically with Velumina. What are the real benefits?
A. All great supplements will only function as well as the delivery system that carries them within our body. Alkalized energized water is a great carrier of Velumina’s nutrients and will deliver them more effectively into our cells thereby enhancing its health properties.
Q. How much water will the unit hold?
A. The top holding tank has a 1 1⁄2 gallon capacity. The bottom storage tank has a 2 1⁄2 gallon capacity. Collectively, the unit has a 4-gallon capacity.