Water Home Test pH Kit

Water Home Test pH Kit


This Water Home Test pH Kit is a great value at only .28 cents a test. Lo Ion test kit for testing all unbuffered solutions such as drinking water. Enough for 60 tests. Test multiple water sources. Testing range goes from 5.0 to 9.0 in 0.5 increments.

Directions for use: Place a 3 inch strip of test paper in a a sample tube (provided with the pH test kit), fill tube with water being tested. Cap tube and shake, wait one minute, hold the tube against the color chart provided and compare color of strip as seen through the liquid with the color chart. If the food and water you take in can regulate your body pH, then high pH drinking water is a must.

Just as the earth has rivers and oceans so does the human body. Our blood is our water, veins and arteries the rivers, and the organs are our oceans. The higher the quality or frequency of the water we take in has a profound impact on our internal waterways. One drop of food coloring travels through a glass of water with lightening speed. One glass of cola or coffee does the same to the fluids in our body. Virus and bacteria are drawn, if not created by such low frequency dehydrating choices.

Optimally, high pH water is the bet choice when thirsty. That is why we offer the AlkalizerTM water machine. You owe yourself the minute it will take to look at just how easy and economical ionized water can be.

"One important negative consequence of acidity is hypoxemia - or lack of oxygen. When our blood becomes acidic, the oxygen concentration decreases, and our tissues and organs become deprived. This triggers even more acid producing metabolic processes that our body is forced to rapidly correct. Simply put, we cannot exist without proper oxygenation. The pH (acid-base balance) of the human body needs to be maintained within the narrow limits of 7.365. The body goes to great lengths, and no limit, to maintain this pH; and conditions such as Osteoporosis can be directly attributed to a chronic, low (acidic) pH!"
- Dr. Robert L. Wyenandt Jr., MD.

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