Alkalizer FAQ


The ALKALIZER Frequently Asked Questions

How is alkaline water produced from the ALKALIZER?
First, water is brought into the machine and run through a carbon block filter to remove most of the substances that don't belong in the water. Then the water goes through an electrolysis process that puts a negative and positive charge on the water using a specialized patented membrane. During the electrolysis process all of the alkaline minerals are separated and pulled to one side and all of the acidic minerals to another. The electrolysis process also adds negative ions to the water which helps modulate the pH. The computer inside of the machine allows you to regulate the pH of the alkaline water with 4 different settings ranging from 8.0 to 10.0 pH. During the separation process the cluster size of the water is reduced, making it a "wetter water" that will hydrate the cells much better.

What type of plates are used for the electrolysis process?
Platinum coated electrodes from Japan, considered the best in the world.

How long will the negative ions remain in the water?
This will vary depending on heat and motion. However, 30 days is generally considered a reasonable period.

What research is available to support drinking this water for health?
The Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, every bit as rigorous as the US FDA, has approved ionized alkaline water for "gastrointestinal fermentation" or general gastric problems. While rigorous double-blind studies have not been done, MDs in Japan have recommended it for years for general detoxification and especially for liver problems, gout, and acidic conditions.

Does the ionization process affect the bioavailability of the alkaline minerals left in the water?
The process creates ionized alkaline minerals, which become more bioavailable in the body. It has been shown that animals have increased calcium absorption in the gut and an increase in their tibia bone mass from drinking the water. This indicates that the water may be supportive for treating osteoporosis.

What kind of water should be run through the machine?
The ALKALIZER can be used with municipal water and well water provided the well water has been properly filtrated.

Does the machine work the same on well water?
Yes, if the well water has been properly filtered and bacteria, high sulfur, iron, rust, heavy metals, lime or other unwanted substances not usually found in municipal water systems are removed. We recommend that your well water be tested through lab analysis first before installing the ALKALIZER to insure integrity. The filter on the ALKALIZER and the electrolysis process cannot eliminate everything and if your well has some issues it will clog up the filter, stress the machine, and still leave some things in your water that you don't want to drink. Generally throughout the U.S. people living on well water have a water softener or pre-filtering system that purifies the water before it comes into the house. In this case the ALKALIZER should work fine. If you've had your well water tested and none of the above substances are found in your water, the ALKALIZER will be very compatible.

Can RO or Distilled water be run through the ALKALIZER?
No. The ALKALIZER uses the alkaline minerals in the water to adjust the pH. RO and distilled water have little to no minerals left. Few know that both Reverse Osmosis and Distillation acidify drinking water. Even less know what the effects of drinking acidic distilled or RO water is when drank for years. Be versed: Water with a neutral 7.0 pH will go down to around 5.5 pH after RO. That is highly acidic water. If you have a sophisticated RO system hooked up you will need to bypass it on the faucet you hook the ALKALIZER to.

Does the ALKALIZER require a pre-filter if you are using tap water?
No, but it is generally recommended if you want added assurance that you have removed many of the substances present in water known to be harmful. You can purchase a fairly decent pre-filter from Lowes or Home Depot for between $50 & $75 that can be easily attached to your cold water line. This will help your filter last longer, protect the machine, and make the water cleaner. The ALKALIZER comes with a very good carbon block filter that helps remove chlorine and other unwanted contaminants. The electrolysis process also separates the acid and alkaline compounds left in the water and removes most of the bad substances through the acid drain hose.

How long does the filter last?
The filter is rated for 1500. It is recommended that you change it every 12 months. The computer inside of the ALKALIZER will trigger a light to go off on your machine notifying you that it's time to change the filter. A replacement filter is $99 and can be obtained by calling NewPage Productions at 630-355-7746.

What level should you start drinking the water on?
Start drinking the water on the number 1 setting, which is the lowest alkaline level yielding a pH of approximately 8.0. If it's agreeable and you aren't experiencing a negative detox reaction, you can go up a level or two within one or two days. Generally you want to consume water with a pH of between 8.0 and 9.5 on a regular basis. If you find harmless white particles (calcium) in the water, go down to a lower level or put a pre-filter on your water and they should disappear. The more minerals in your water, the lower level you should use. Most users will experience a mild detoxification reaction from drinking the water within the first few days. That's why it's important to start at the lower level and gradually build up. The number 4 setting has a pH in the range of 10.0. This water is best to use for brewing coffee or tea because it will completely neutralize the acid and make it alkaline. You can also use the high alkaline water after rigorous exercise, after consuming alcoholic beverages, or if you feel your immune system is weak during the cold and flu season.

How much water should you drink per day?
It's best to work your way up to 1/2 to 1 gallon of alkaline water a day. Water and ionized alkaline water in particular is a "sleeper". We barely notice that our cells are dehydrated. When we drink more water, we will feel better all around and support an alkaline bio-terrain within our bodies.

How much is too much alkaline in my system?
Drinking alkaline water will not over-alkalinize you. It is not like taking sodium bicarbonate or antacids. Taking these on any ongoing basis is not recommended and leads to a vicious acidity rebound cycle. Alkaline water is completely different. It's a system balancer and is agreeable even for people who tend toward the alkaline side.

How do you know the water is helping if you don't see results?
The same question can be asked of eating well or of taking vitamins and minerals. However, adding the health benefits of antioxidant, alkaline ionized water to a regimen including some exercise and reasonable dietary retractions will tend to show up in the quality of your health, attention and overall energy. Most people feel very positive from drinking this high quality microwater in 2 glasses, 2 days, or 2 weeks.

How can you test the pH of the water?
The ALKALIZER comes with pH testing fluid to let you know the system works. For precise technical measurements, the use of a calibrated pH meter is necessary. However, the test fluid works well enough to give you a general indication and you can optionally test the unit whenever you want.

What should the pH level be?
University-based research indicates drinking ionized water with a pH between 8.0 and 9.5 is optimal. This is better than drinking ionized alkaline water at pH 10.0 and higher. This data comes from a test reported by the Dept. of Internal Medicine, Ohkura National Hospital & Dept. of Internal Medicine, Shiga University of Medical Science in Japan. The notion that the higher the pH the better it is for you is not correct. Moderation is the key here. The report from Japan states: "Judging from all these results, Alkaline Ionized Water efficacy against gastric symptoms are found to be optimum at pH 9.0."

Where does the ALKALIZER come from?

How does the ALKALIZER compare to other models on the market?
Other units from Korea or China typically cost 25% to 50% less than the ALKALIZER, but do not perform as well over the long term. We sell only the high-end unit from Japan, whose quality and reputation has been established over many years. The ALKALIZER is a high grade commercial unit built to last and is considered the Rolls Royce of the industry.

How long does the restructuring of the water last?
Approximately 24 hours. Microclusters are measured by NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) testing or Infrared Spectrometry testing. Without these tests, microclustering cannot be determined. Some other waters claim to have microclustered or structured water. These tests assure that claims are trustworthy.

How do you validate that the water the ALKALIZER produces is smaller in clusters?
Aside from technical testing as just described above, smaller cluster ionized water will boil faster than ordinary water. If you put a tea bag in the water, it will get darker faster. If you put a prune in the water compared with your tap or spring water, it will become plumber at a faster rate. Also, by splitting and separating the water through the electrolysis process, you are automatically getting cluster sizes that are 50% smaller than what the water was before being separated.

Is it okay to take medicine with alkalized water?
Some medications are adverse to ordinary calcium. If you are taking a drug whose effect is compromised by calcium supplements, drinking ionized alkaline water could have a mild effect on drug potency since the water has ionized calcium which is a more assimilated form of calcium. This is a very minor concern. Generally we recommend that you do not drink any of the water either one hour before or one hour after taking medication.

Do you recommend plastic or glass containers to store the water?
Glass is recommended, but food-grade plastic will also work well. We do not recommend using polyethylene containers which are the milky white gallon size containers used for selling water in supermarkets. One thing of note; most problems with chemicals leaching from plastic occur with acidic water which has a tendency to draw things out of the plastic.

How do you install the ALKALIZER and do you need a plumber?
Installation is not difficult and a plumber is typically not necessary unless you have a unique faucet that the diverter won't hook up to. All that is required is to attach the faucet diverter valve that comes with the system to your faucet, then attach the supply hose from the ALKALIZER to the diverter and plug the machine in. Within 5-10 minutes you should have the machine hooked up and you are ready to drink the smoothest, best tasting, cellular hydrating water available.

Can you drink this water with food or will it interfere with digestion?
The old saying about not drinking too much water with your meals is a good idea.

Can you drink the acidic water?
This is not recommended. The acid water does, however, reduce or kill bacteria and viruses and can be used externally to sanitize surfaces. In Japan they are using super acidic water in hospitals to sterilize medical instruments. The acidic water can also be used for cleaning pesticides and herbicides from fruits and veggies, soaking meat to kill off unwanted bacteria, soaking your feet if you have nail fungus or athlete's feet, applying topically to cuts and wounds, brushing your teeth to help remove plague, and much more.

What is the warranty on the ALKALIZER?
The ALKALIZER has a 1 year warrantee that fully covers the machine should anything go wrong with it. If a problem arises simply phone our office to coordinate a return authorization and once we get the machine back we'll either fix it for free or ship you a brand new one. You can also get an extended warranty that will cover you for two years for $59 and three years for $89.

Do you need to hydrate everyday?
Our cells tend to be chronically dehydrated, especially since most water people are consuming is acidic. As you take in more water, your body will adjust to a new normal by being more hydrated and healthy.

How long has the ALKALIZER been in the U.S.?
The ALKALIZER has been sold in the US since the mid 1990's.

Can you cook with Alkaline Water?
Yes. In fact, this is also known as "culinary water" in Japan. Rice, beans and other vegetables are optimally plump and hydrated using this water and cook to an almost perfect consistency. All restaurants should be cooking with alkaline water and serving it to their customers to drink. High class restaurants and health oriented restaurants will be ahead of their competition if they start using the ALKALIZER in their restaurant, especially if it is noted on the menu to assure customers that they are getting pure, healthy water.

Do you have to unplug the unit after use?
This is not mandatory although the manual mentions this. Just as you can keep a CD player on for days on end, the same is true here. When going away on a trip, we suggest taking the plug out of the wall.

Who do you call for service/technical support?
Call us at 1-630-355-7746.

Does the unit remove fluoride?
Not 100%! Some testing has shown removal of fluoride but this is very difficult to get out entirely without some pre-filtration.

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