QiBounding® Rebounder

QiBounding® Rebounder


Best Rebounder on the Market Today! Did you know that 15 minutes bouncing is the equivalent of a 45 minute aerobic workout? I have been recommending rebounding as an excellent aerobic workout for any age or physical condition for 20 years. The benefits of rebounding are multi dimensional:  rebounding improves coordination, balance and can even promote better vision. The gentle bouncing motion stimulates the circulation of lymphatic fluid offering direct support to the immune system. The health benefits are too numerous to mention here, plus it is impossible to get on a rebounder without smiling. There are a lot of brands out there, but I have found Bellicon to be the best on the market today. Why? No springs to squeak. Bellicon uses bungee cords to give you a soft silent bounce like no other.  Want to feel like a kid again?

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